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    All about cryptocurrency

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    Simple Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

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  3. W cracking [80% success rate] | [YAHOO, MYR]

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  4. Hellires

    In the US, a reward of $10 million was announced for information about

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    Dark services

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    i am a pro carder on here. contact me if you buy carded stuffs or you wanna know more about carding methods. i am a here to help everyone who approaches me and give you a detailed understand about what you trying to get yourself into before we deal. i am available on ICQ if you wanna ask know...
  7. H

    Iam Big buyer with different account and place to sell product

    iam looking for Good Genuine seller for all kind of transfer and Product. I have different account with different name, warehouse and a place where I sell all electronic product directly to people . I was dealing with a carder but now he has die so looking for new one for long term relationship...
  8. S

    Buying IPhone 6's

    I'm looking for someone who can card online for me with their own drop For iPhone 6's.?! If you can card iPhones and other electronics please leave your ICQ. NO SCAMMERS YOU WILL NEED TO PROVE YOURSELF. I'm looking for an official carder to build long term business with.
  9. F

    Tutorings: virtual/physical carding, bank drops, opsec, eCommerce

    Hello, My name is FieldOps and I’m around since early AB days. I used to be vendor there and now I’m trying to find a new place where I can offer my services. I’ll start with couple words about what I’m willing to offer to people. OpSec – everything regarding it, setting up secure host OS...
  10. D

    CashOutGang Markets - Online Hacking Classes & Mentoring 2023

    5 Feb 2023 New Add bookmark #1 Here is the mission statement and general info about CashOutGang null Market! I have been a vendor on the dark web for just about two years and have established over 4000+ documented sales with customer feedback; On the 12+ Marketplaces I have been...
  11. M

    Exploration utilities for hunting with bugs

    This article was written for educational purposes only. We do not call anyone to anything, only for information purposes! The author is not responsible for your actions Any hack begins with collecting information about the target. The faster and better you collect information, the greater the...
  12. P


    This is the Ultimate Hacking technique you need for the Facebook account hacking. All the steps are given in order. You wont be needing any of the extra downloadable files and stuff. You may need some linux knowledge but i described all the commands clearly. What you need?? - A linux machine...
  13. V

    Hello, I am Violex.

    Hello CC. My name is Violex. A little about me; I've been doing Pentesting, specifically WiFi/802.11 for around 6 years now. I started with WEP, and then moved onto WPA vulnerabilities, such as Handshake Cracking, using Rainbow Tables, Dictionaries etc. Then WPS Flaws were introduced, and I...
  14. S

    BA. Bank accounts. 2023

    This lesson will focus on the basics of working with BA. Let's talk about working with US bank accounts. We do not work in Russia, keep that in mind. However, I can give advice on how and for what to accept money from the USA, so that all sorts of people don't take you by the ass, because just...