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  1. B

    new market anyone ever try?

    http://deepmar57fbonfiw.onion/ It's called deep Mart I'm wondering if it's legit if anyone has ever used it
  2. K

    Cc and dump ➕ pins

    Hello everyone,  i have online portal and i m cashier also..  So anyone have cc details or dumps and want to do business on % base than feel free to contact me on ICQ 663575674 and mention tht you are from cave.  I m processing on % base.  I take 30% and give you your 70%.  So if anyone wanna...
  3. T

    New comer- anyone still there?

    Hi im the bear from EU, I was browsing around and found this website, seem really nice if the adverts are still active. Anyone are still active on this forum and anywhere I could have a look into or is everyone still in their Happy New year's mood? Hopefully I will be able to work with anyone...
  4. M

    EMV RB4,RB5.0,Exeba....Available

    Post a reply 1 post • Page 1 of 1 EMV RB4,RB5.0,Exeba....Available EMV smart card is offering for sell the NEW software for EMV chip & PIN EMV R.B. Writer/Reader is created for track2 dumps with service code 201, 206, 207, 208, 210 , 215, 220 ,221, 223, 225 etc. But will also work well...
  5. C

    Crimegirl Here! Glad to be here!!

    Hi cardingf community crimegirl here just saying hi! I am glad to be here and have been looking for a legit forum. i was on bpcsqaud for a while but started hearing pretty bad things about the admins and I want to be able to semi trust or feel comfortable on at least one site of this nature...
  6. M

    Dump/DB 10k Loan - Need Business Account to Link

    Does anyone have a business account to just log into and link to my financing account? I have 10k readily available once I have this.  I can pay 1k to anyone that can help with this, potentially more.  The business account does not need to have any funds in the account and is not used as the...