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    Counterfeit Euros

    Hello, I am looking for someone selling counterfeit money (euros), preferably 50 € - 100 €. DM me if you can provide said services.  Thank you in advance!
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    We sell 100% undetected counterfeit bank notes

    Take the chance now to become rich and be able to pay your tuition fees and still have some money to buy school stuffs, pay your loans, hospital bills, utility bills and all your bills. We also provide International Documentation Services. Take your time to read this post/article before you buy...
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    Counterfeit Euro Notes

    !!We are Selling Counterfeit Euro Notes **Notes come in 20/50/100. **Our notes include all security features. **Price is 20%. For 200 euros you get 1000 counterfeit euros. **We ship in stealth packages and we use other methods to improve our clients safety. !!We are selling only euro notes, we...