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    'Highly Critical' Unpatched Zero-Day Flaw Discovered In Oracle WebLogi

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    [Services] WU & Bank wire to BTC LTC

    Hi, Can provide BTC - LTC - WMZ - LR versus WU & Bank wire. Base 1:1 + 8% Fees Delay : Instant if lower than 500usd a day and 1 Business day for high amount depending of the regularity of the request delay could be reduced to instant for high amount. Check me by PM if interested. Regards...
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    How to get RICH quick!

    This is the easiest way on how to make more than 0.5 bitcoins A DAY!! Verry simple and does not require any money nor skills!!!! For just 5$ I'll show you how to make more than 200$ a day!!! Guaranteed delivery within 24 houres Contact me here: ICQ: 671344677 mail:
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    Layer 7 HTTP DDoS - $25/day unprotected - $50/day protected

    I sell massive HTTP floods exceeding 600k rps or whatever is needed to bring down the target. Cost is $25 per day for unprotected HTTP sites. $50/day for protected sites and/or websites using HTTPs. My services have been on, Vice news, etc. I've taken down Russian banks...