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    Everything for carding

    Good day to all! We have relaunched our store. Here you will find everything you need: Chip Encoder, EMV IK Chip Software, Magnetic Encoder, Chip Cards and much more!! come buy https://t.me/+9KPeysvFW8FlZDc6
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    Hello im new to spam and i have everything set up but the only problem im recieving is the letter is going to spam not inbox if someone could suggest how i could fix this ive edited code and everything but it still goes to spamm
  3. F

    Tutorings: virtual/physical carding, bank drops, opsec, eCommerce

    Hello, My name is FieldOps and I’m around since early AB days. I used to be vendor there and now I’m trying to find a new place where I can offer my services. I’ll start with couple words about what I’m willing to offer to people. OpSec – everything regarding it, setting up secure host OS...
  4. J

    Introducing Myself

    Hello everybody , As a new comer here , i think introducing myself is the first thing to do ^^ First of all , i'm happy to be here , the forum seems really attractive and i already see many threads interesting me and i'm sure i will enjoy to be here with you all , and , of course , i hope...