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    Greetings to all members on board....

    Greetings to all members on board.... I am here to provide my skills and abilities on here... i Hack and Spammer tools and stuffs and i have been doing this past when i was Kid.... I Live in VIETNAM But been to many country's in the world for learning Hacking and Spamming...
  2. A

    Greetings All!

    Greetings everybody!  ADB Here,  I'm a rookie carder, currently expanding my knowledge of online carding with CC/CvvS have done a couple successful WU Transfers,  Looking to learn more & checkout the WU Transfer services provided here. Good Day, -ADB
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    hello nice to be here
  4. B

    Dump/DB NFC Bins Help & Tap and Pay

    Greetings to all! I am starting to use new NFC payment app that has been working well on many pos terminals such as the ones found in toys'r'us, walmart, gamestop, and many others! I am looking for new bins that work well with the nfc programs, please contact me! Carding out of USA I have...