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    HACKING - Perl IRC Bot VNC bypass scanner - MAJOR UPDATE - Added SSH Takeover module/command. This code is an IRC BOT that can connect to an IRC server with SSL The main purpose of this bot is to scan for Open/Unsecured VNC servers. The bot can also search for credit card...
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    KINS VM2 version+webinjections+spreading

    <marquee behavior="scroll" bgcolor="grey" loop="-1" width="30%"><i><font color="white"> This thread was last edited: </font>7 days ago</i></marquee> Hello to all Carders!!! Gonna give you today Kins bot version 2! Features: *spam module *vnc backconnect module *cc module *pop,imap,ftp grabber...
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    CEH V10 Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Lab Tools

    CEH V10  Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Lab Tools ========== Lab Tools for CEH v10: how to download CEHv10 – Lab Prerequisites CEHv10 Module – Footprinting and Reconnaissance CEHv10 Module – Scanning Networks CEHv10 Module – Enumeration CEHv10 Module – Vulnerability Analysis CEHv10...