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    Bit GPT Definity - Bit Coin Price! BitGptApp Official Website! Bit GPT

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    Choosing the best geek gadgets for friends and for ourselves.

    30 devices to please your friends null 1. Ubertooth One null Official site Ubertooth is an open source piece of hardware for all sorts of fun with Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE. Ubertus is capable of capturing and demodulating radio signals in the 2.4 GHz ISM band with a 1 MHz bandwidth and...
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    Hacker's Suitcase 2023. Choosing Tools

    We have selected fifteen devices with which you can penetrate anything: from physical devices to contactless cards. This does not include more ordinary tools like screwdrivers and soldering irons - it is easier to choose them according to your taste. We hope you find something interesting on...
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    Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release – AntiTakedown (Multilingual)

    Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release – AntiTakedown (Multilingual) OrcusTechnologies discontinued the Orcus Remote Administrator project on 05 Janurary 2023, development will no longer continue. ========== Features Keylogger Screengrabs Remote code execution Webcam monitor Disable webcam...