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  1. X

    Combat smartphone. Making a "hackerphone" from an Android device

    Things to know and do before installation The first thing to take care of is root permissions. Without them, some functions of the utilities installed by us may not be supported or work incorrectly. Therefore, I highly recommend getting them. This is especially true for users with Android 10 and...
  2. L

    Permanent access to Termux via ssh tunnel

    In case you need constant access to Termux via ssh, but there is no direct access to your smartphone or tablet over the network, you can use a home server or service to create ssh tunnels. Preparing Termux If Termux is just installed, do pkg updateto update the utilities and package list. To...
  3. M

    Hacking the front-facing camera using a link

    Good day to all brothers and sisters. As you already know, the world of carding is a very fun place. Every second someone loses, and someone gets. In principle, everything is as usual. We work from the shadows. Under the so-called dome and as you can understand by the invisible dome, not only...