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    Greetings! Exploitation is a piece of programmed software or script which can allow hackers to take control over a system, exploiting its vulnerabilities. Hackers normally use vulnerability scanners like Nessus, Nexpose, OpenVAS, etc. to find these vulnerabilities. Metasploit is a powerful...
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    Logs Chat bots of banks allow stealing money from citizens 2023

    If you use the services of one of the banks that pay attention to the IT component, you probably talked with a bot that helps to solve this or that issue. So, these chat bots, according to experts, contain vulnerabilities that allow them to steal money from a client of a credit institution...
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    How to Wapiti: checking the site for vulnerabilities

    Scanning a site for vulnerabilities is a necessary measure, which, together with an analysis of the source code, allows you to assess the level of its protection against threats of compromise. You can scan a web resource using specialized tools. Nikto, W3af (written in Python 2.7, whose support...
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    Interesting PostgreSQL Vulnerabilities

    Several times a year, PostgreSQL has a new release with a couple of vulnerabilities. As a rule, vulnerabilities allow turning an unprivileged user into a superuser. In Postgres, everything is simple - we install the patches when the update is released and continue to sleep well. But many forks...
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    Ethical hacking: how to access your web server

    During ethical hacking, the researcher looks for vulnerabilities. An ethical hacker can have several reasons for gaining unauthorized access to a web server, but the main one is to test server applications for flaws. To gain access, as a rule, they use the same tools and methods that attackers...