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  1. A


    hi all i'm new here
  2. F


    Nice to meet you guys
  3. V


    best deal here
  4. V


    hhelo world :) im new im from El Salvador
  5. C

    Welcome me Home

    I Have long awaited this day, hope you welcome me well to the Carders World. Looking forward to making business with you. Thank you!
  6. A


    We are a group of person that can receive your transfers in drop OR we pay for your servies, big or small amount accepted. we can receive, pick up, and send back your % or your services , we also need spamers and hackers that can get us banks logins, we only  buy or pay for services we dnt sell...
  7. T


    Hello everyone in this forum,Am new to this forum but i cash out dumps so anyone who needs someone to cash out dumps you can contact me.I have been in this work for long,For the pass 7 years and i leant this forum is the best forum.
  8. D


    buy moneypak ukash psc   payment wmz,btc ,pm 442101
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    hello caves

    hello guys am new here
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    Hi admin and members of this member, i want to be a new active member, i hope im welcome
  11. G

    Sale cc

    Hi friend's . I am the representative of the Russian community carders , sorry for the translation. I sell cc . cc+ vbv . world mix . usa 1cc - 2$ ( you bin + 1 $ ) usa 1cc + vbv - 20$ eu 1cc - 10-20 $ ( country) eu 1cc+ vbv 50-100 $ ( country )
  12. H

    The Hund wants to say "Hi"

    Hi fellows, until a few month I got interested in BTCs and also lost some money because of the price fall. Now it's time for luxus. Earn some money and buy carded articles. I don't like banks, paying taxes and politics in my country. Since nearly 10 years I'm concerned about privacy. I...
  13. B

    Hello Friends

    Will learn a lot more here.
  14. D

    Ambitious guy introduction

    Hi ambitious members, I am new here, but have been learning about hacking and carding for a long time already. I am more of a field kind of guy and even if i understand most of the crooked hackin thing, i am looking to offer hands and arms to whoever has good computer skills and means and wants...
  15. L

    hi i m new here

    hello freinds i'm new
  16. H


    Hello i'm new here
  17. S

    SoupNazi RU

    Im Soup And Albert Gonzalez is my role model if anyoen here posses skills HMU $$$$$$
  18. A

    Urgent: Need help

    I am new here need help. Looking for someone to help me to know how to spam and use the spamming tools, and how and where I can get the spamming tools. Thank you. Andy
  19. D


    Hello there, i just joined this forum hope to enjoy nd get good deal  thank you!
  20. S

    need guy who can cash my stuff

    Information for all good moneymakerz: I. I look for the person, capable to cash money from bank accounts in UK. I provide accounts. There is an opportunity to get any other accounts (other countries also) if you have a way to cash them with the guaranteed success...