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  1. B

    Hey cave people new here need some help pls

    Hi people I'm new to carding but am willing to learn all there is to be taught I'm UK based and would lingo know about carding in the UK if anybody would like to be my mentor I'd be very great full
  2. D


    Before we get into cracking passwords with programs, I will explain a couple old-fashioned ways to obtain someone’s password. Social Engineering – Social engineering is when a hacker takes advantage of trusting human beings to get information from them. For example, if the hacker was trying to...
  3. S

    sim swap UK hacker needed to join my work

    Im Uk based i need help find a good uk hacker it would be will to help or join my team for long term work, the work needed is for sim swap mobile take over. I would appreciate it if its something you cant do but you know what software they use any info would be great.. love
  4. M

    Retired Mail-Boxer

    Hey ya'll, so i am not here to learn about carding online, which i know is the best way and most common way. i am here to learn the ins and outs of in store carding the proper way. here is a little back story of what i use to do okay. i would go mail boxing at night and do the old fashion give n...
  5. X

    Logs NEW Ebay carding method 2023

    For start you need a Ebay account Now, You will sell a "guide" of a computer , but the buyer believes buy a computer when he bought a "guide" So , You sell a MacBook Guide (For example) 1)-For the categorie of the macbook , choice "Books" or "Computers>Manuals & Resources". 2)-Select your price...
  6. B

    Breaking VISA PIN

    Have you ever wonder what would happen if you loose your credit or debit card and someone finds it. Would this person be able to withdraw cash from an ATM guessing, somehow, your PIN? Moreover, if you were who finds someone's card would you try to guess the PIN and take the chance to get some...
  7. S

    I am selling Apple products and Nike gift Cards

    I am offering Apple GC for a 80% rate. I also sell Apple products this is a legit SERVICE! Im not no fuckin ripper and I do not support such an act... I am able to get Anything on the Apple store so If you would like something i will get it for you. Now if you want it shipped to your house I can...
  8. L


    <marquee behavior="scroll" bgcolor="grey" loop="-1" width="30%"><i><font color="white"> This thread was last edited: </font> 19 days ago</i></marquee> i have a service that i would like to be done but have not found the right person to do it.... i have a debit card information that i would...
  9. S

    APPLE TUT Tools Needed From Darkteam

    APPLE TUT Tools Needed. Mobile Phone or Personal Computer with all tools Email Address & Skype account Created in the name of the CC holder High Balance CC Clear all cookies and Caches, get a drink and get ready to card an apple item Step 1 - Visit and from the Top Grey or Black...
  10. E

    new user ~el~nino~

    Hello, i'm el nino and new member of carderscave. 4 years ago i had some experiences with carding and learnd the basic stuff. now its a long time ago i spend time to it and obviously a lot changed. It would be perfect if some one of you could introduce me and want to teach me the 'now how' i'm...