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Pro Crax currently stands as the one of the most popular forums, drawing significantly higher traffic compared to other forums of its kind. By joining our platform, you gain access to a vast pool of potential clients. It's important to note that we strictly condemn any scamming, so there's no point in wasting your time purchasing advertising space from us.

Our platform offers a range of advertising opportunities to effectively promote your content. You can choose from various ad placements including header links/images, banners in the header/footer, sticky topics in sections, banners/text within each member's topics, as well as options like sending emails or private messages to all our members. Explore these and many more advertising possibilities to maximize your visibility and reach.

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Got a product or service that will make the life of Users easier?
Then our forum is the right platform to advertise it. Below you’ll find all the specifications.

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Our forum has been featured in numerous sites, won numerous awards, and is the most trustable forum in this niche.
Getting a service placement through banners or in promotions is not only bring high quality visitors to your website but also gets you massive brand recognition in the space.

On Forum Header Placements (per month pricing):

$99 - Dimensions : 468px by 60px
$149 - Dimensions : 900px by 120px
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On Forum Header Placements (per Year pricing):

$599 - Dimensions : 468px by 60px
$699 - Dimensions : 900px by 120px
$899 - Dimensions : 900px by 240px

Sticky Threads

Weekly : $50 / Monthly : $175 - Verified Sales / Unverified Sales

Send one email to all members

$499 - OneTime (Includes purchase of Mail Sender SMTP Server, Domain, DMARC, etc. setup & Clean IP address)
*Please note that mail sending will be done in "Warm-up" mode so will be approx 500 emails per day, gradually sending more once IP reputation grows. This is so that emails will go into inbox and not spam.

Send one private message to all members

$249 - OneTime

Send one alert to all members

$199 - OneTime

We only advertise real and legit services, do not contact if you want to try to advertise a scam service.

WE ACCEPT BTC ETH USD | After Purchasing Advertisement | Send your Order ID And Banner to Administrator: Hellires
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How much for advertising cc selling service per month?
I'm newbies here , is there anybody to help me out, how this works